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'Layla's book is highly innovative, engaging and easy to follow! The way clarinet basic steps have been written are the most informative and clear I have found from clarinet teaching books, by far!'. 

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'The amount of content in the book alone is more than worth the price tag of a tenner, and with all the free online content too, you get much more than your money's worth'. 

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'The QR codes & Youtube links are a fantastic resource and I really can’t wait to start using it. . 

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So, You Want to Play the… Clarinet – Book One

It is a system for individual and small group learning that takes the student from a complete beginner to a well-rounded grade 1 standard musician. It is an easy to use method that is divided into progressive steps to support cumulative and musical learning.

So, You Want to Play the… Clarinet – Book One is a unique beginner clarinet tuition book.


This book does not just focus on music theory, clarinet fingering, exercises and pieces. This book teaches sight-reading, aural skills, improvisation, it includes duets, piano accompaniments, learning music by ear, Christmas music and pop songs. With its own YouTube channel, this book uses QR codes to link the user to online backing tracks, listening and instructional videos. All backing tracks are slow-down-able, making it perfect for beginners!

An e-book is available for an additional cost of £1-£1.30*, when purchased alongside a physical copy.  This option is recommended for teachers.

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